Storyboard Assignment – Pan’s Labyrinth

Here’s one of those I have been wanting to share, but had no time to upload. It’s a simple concept: We have the script and an element we have to change in it. In this case, I had the choice of doing Pan’s Labyrinth instead of Buffalo 66 once again. The change: The pale man is not sitting down as the scene starts.

This was done in Storyboard Pro, and I didn’t know how to separate the scenes, but I still like it. Every line looks really crisp.






The Portfolio for ANI – Game Design Stream

It’s time to face a Robert Frost dilemma: There’re two roads to take in the ANI program. One is for 3D Character Animation Stream (oriented at animators who want to take their craft further into 3D Animation with Maya) and the other one is for 3D Game Art and Design Stream (oriented at those artists who make the bits and pieces that go into modern videogames).

I love both paths, but I have already taken a very good course in CentreNAD for 3D Animation for Film (which was what motivated me to go further and aim for a full bachelor on Animation), so I chose to go for the Game Art path, which has more modelling involved.

However… you need to apply for it.

The creation of a new portfolio scared me and it took me a long while to figure out what to throw in it and what to take away. I took away a lot of my old 3D stuff, but left the car, lots of cartoony or designy stuff was also discarded, pretty much most of my life drawing was stripped from the final piece… and I still feel I went a bit overkill in how many things I crammed into the application.

But it’s done now and I already handed it in.

Wish me luck.










Storyboard Assignment: Symbolism

It’s been a while since I’ve posted storyboards. Let’s fix that.

This assignment was a fun one. The idea is to use symbols and visual metaphors to foreshadow elements of the story and drive the plot forward. Flagg suggested a few extra elements and to watch Lair of the White Worm.

I decided to use a Brian De Palma kind of set-up for this one. After the last image I’ll tell you what the metaphor used was.

I hope you enjoy it.







So… the idea was “Fly gets eaten by a spider”. Read it back and if I did it right, you’ll see the hints about that.

Note: The tattoo on her neck is the symbol of the black widow, if you didn’t catch that one.

New year, new sketches

It’s a new year. I’m already feeling older and wiser. I can see white hair growing on me and feeling a strange urge to complain about the weather for hours. Obviously there’s new sketches.

The first one is from an old project that I hope to get back into one day. If I can convince the writer and manage to cram enough time into my schedule, it’d be great.


I love drawing animals as derpy as possible.  These ones are photo-referenced, but I tried to push for the personality as much as I could.


This one is not from a picture though. I call it “Cutie“.


For the end, I give you “Derp Conan”:


Me Vs. Flash: Stabby The Clown

The semester is over. And I have a nice update for you. Unless you suffer from coulrophobia, then I have a nasty update for you.

I have lots of trouble trying to use 2D animation software. I always feel like it looks too choppy and not nice and it has the bad habit of crashing on me. And then I rage quit. Which is wrong.

This time around I managed to keep fighting against it (otherwise I would have to wait a whole year to repeat the course again), and ended up enjoying it because of the character I chose: Stabby The Clown.

If you have seen Stephen King’s It, you know what kind of clown this is. Not particularly funny, but just amusing from a safe distance. Don’t leave him near your children.

Enjoy it, as next semester if I have any luck I’ll be facing Toon Boom, who killed my family and left me for dead in the desert.

Stabby The Clown (Flash Project) from Franky Plata on Vimeo.

Sketchbook drawings

I’ve been keeping a sketchbook that I like to call “the nice one”, for drawings with pencil and marker. I’m rather proud of it, but I’ve been insanely busy and hadn’t been able to scan much of it lately.

Most of the drawings are done with either copic markers or touch markers, which happen to be just as good as far as I can tell.

These three are kind of an idea circling my head about a Mad Max-ish story. I call the first one King and the lady with the dog are The Spikes.




These two were just experiments with shape and composition.



I happen to enjoy Michelle Rodriguez in Machete (and Machete Kills, where she “surprise cunt-punches” someone)



Simone Simons:


A sketch for my friend Jen Frankel’s short story. The Owl Woman is a superhero dealing with the death of a close friend.


A sketch titled “Ood in the ‘Hood” (for the whovians):


Some animals, just because.



I watched Beauty and The Beast (The Jean Cocteau version) and I had to sketch something out of it. It’s a really crazy movie.


A exploratory sketch of one of the characters in my webcomic.


And I don’t know how to categorize these ones…