Undead Redhead

I loved doing this little piece. It’s for Jen Frankel’s next project, a webseries about the hardships of being an undead redhead bridesmaid and going back to a life where you no longer belong. I read the script and loved it. I’m a sucker for zombie stories, and I loved the metaphor behind this one. So, please send her all your money (or you know, the kickstarter or indiegogo as soon as it’s up). That way, I’ll be doing the boards and art-related craziness for the project.




One of the things I’m doing this Summer is working as a caricature artist. I took the job a bit late in the game, so there wasn’t much time for training. The main problem: You have to use markers. There can’t be any underlines. Second problem: It has to be fast.

So I decided to try some celebrity caricatures to get my hands dirty before work:

From the movie Snabba Cash:

Bill Gates, a Guayasamín style and Noomi Rapace”

Charlotte Gainsbourg, Gael García and Marlon Brando:

Aishwarya Rai:


Soon I’ll be back in school. That means that I feel the tingling sensation in my hands… the one called fear. Lots of my friends and colleagues have been working hard all Summer, trying new materials, ambitious projects or working in something that forces them to be faster and better at the craft.

To make sure I’m doing my part, I did some shape exercises:

Then, I started trying to get rid of the construction lines (Notice I don’t say “Getting rid of the training wheels”, for I haven’t learned how to ride a bike):

As expected… I went crazy after a while…

So… jokes:

In the end, I applied it to a much more sober subject:

Just search “coches monstruo mexico” to see where this kind of armored vehicles come from (Yes, this will be the base for The Mastery Machine):

Visiting the Bone Room

I missed the Bone Room last semester, and was really happy to finally go there this time around. We rode the yellow schoolbus all the way to Guelph, where we had access to the Human Anatomy room, the different bone rooms and had lots of lessons about comparative anatomy from Werner and the very helpful staff. It was a very sunny day, so I was pleased to be in the cold room drawing for nearly 3 hours.

For me it was very exciting to find out what are the real colors of the flesh after death, and the way nails and fingertips get darkened:

When it comes to comparative anatomy, I guess these sketches just scream “It’s EVOLUTION, baby!!!”:

But my favorite subjects to draw where these pair of heads:

It was a great trip… and unlike the guy that went there during last semester, we had no trouble getting back home.

Sketching outside

During the Summer there are several cultural events in TO, and I made it to some of them… to draw!

First off, I went to Luminato. It’s a world music festival, which means that you never know the crowd that will show up. I went to Loreena McKennitt and Lemon Bucket Orkestra, and both were fun and had interesting people in the audience, with a wide range of ages:

Around the same days, I went to NxNE too, which is more indie-oriented, and attended Plants And Animals, Eight and a Half and the Wu-Tang semi-reunion (sorry, without RZA is not a proper reunion). Really funny looking crowd, with hipsters, tough guys, and hoboes:

Another thing I did was to visit a small Steampunk event in Campbell House:

As usual, I did some sketching in the subway:

And these ones were done in the beach (Completely Safe For Work, it was rather cloudy that day):

Random Sketches

These drawings aren’t proper café sketches, but products of what I can do when I’m bored and thinking about ideas and concepts, but end up doodling something completely different, or cartooning the reference material without actually using it for what I’m supposed to use it. Enjoy the randomness!

Here’s a bit of caricature:

I might find something to do with these guys:

The Evil Queen

For me, the queen is not evil. The mirror is the evil one. That bastard was lying to her all the time, feeding her insecurities. If anything, she’s just a little vain. And that kid with the dwarfs is rather annoying and simple. She’s hot and a bit obsessed with herself… but look at her! She’s amazing!

This little piece was supposed to be a birthday gift for Silvia, but I took a month longer than expected. ¡Feliz Cumpleaños Bonita!

Here’s a bit of the process:

We begin with a nice cleaned sketch:

Then, it’s all Photoshop:

And for your amusement, the road not taken: