This week I’ve been sketching at a faster rate, it must be the weather telling me to move, or the amount of crazy people, or just the fact that it’s really hard to stay at home all day when the outside world looks this nice.

I know it won’t last, because it’s a Canadian Summer.

However, it’s thrilling, because I had a small sketchbook, which allowed me to be a bit least conspicuous than usual… to a certain extent. It’s hard to hide that you’re staring at someone. Even if you’re doing it for art.

So, look at all this people:


I did some plants as well:


Also took two small sketches and then cleaned them up a bit at home:



And just because, I added a little sketch I did for a potential commission that didn’t pan out, from photo reference:



The Zoo!

I went to the zoo with some of my friends from Seneca to watch Pandas and draw and be bribed with coffee. It was fun! And here are the drawings I did (and no pictures of me scared of children and people wearing panda masks)

I would have included the names of the animals, but I’m almost illiterate in biology/zoology. Enjoy them nonetheless.


Painted nonsense

First off, I did a little painted exercise, something simple, just some doggies, based on a picture:


Here’s a little Joker thing I did last year, but just cleaned up now. It was done in ink and markers, but I added some screentones and noise in Photoshop after losing some of the nice marker textures while doing the cleanup:


This beast took me forever and I decided to abandon it, as I didn’t get to use it in the comic or as a proper print (I discovered I suck at making webs). It’s loosely based on The Weaver from China Mieville’s Perdido Street Station, but I switched the baby arms and face for a… whatever it is I did with it in the end.


Sketch dump!

I’ve been busy doing nothing much lately (the webcomic and writing mostly), but I’m trying to pick up a bit on my café sketching to make sure I don’t lose any traditional skills.  And stretch those drawing muscles.


For those who don’t know what “café sketching” means, it’s what you’d normally call creeping people out in public spaces. For some people it’s coffee shops.  For me it’s usually public transportation.





But in some cases, I do experience the outside world and open spaces. It’s summer after all.  And when everybody’s having fun and enjoying the sun, I have to make sure I get those poses in my sketchbook.escaneados2003016 escaneados2003018

There’s one problem however.  Summer, even the Canadian variety which is rainy and cold, includes those nasty horrible pests they call pigeons. I damn hate them and their smug faces.

escaneados2003009I hope you enjoyed my little sketch dump. I’ll be posting some recent completed pieces as soon as I complete them. Also, don’t forget to check my webcomic, The Doppelganger.