And now for something completely different…

September is getting closer and I have to switch gears again. It’ll be a while before my next post. Enjoy.

First off, some shameless self-promoting:

I recorded my part of the A Study in Character Development project a few months ago, and the first round is out. Enjoy my weird voice (I’m the one with the overacting hands)

Here’s my track reading the short story.

Back to the drawing side:

One big problem I face is that I get the feeling I do too much of the same if I’m left to my own devices (some might argue that I’d do nothing at all), so I have to make sure that I throw in something different every now and then.

I found an exercise about light and shadow in James Gurney’s blog, suggesting to take away emphasis from the middle tones and just go for contrast. So I decided to give it a try with Inktense pencils and a water brush. It really breathes life into my subway sketches.


For the comic, I wanted the new episode to look a bit different, even if it had gone through two different techniques in its first chapter with the digital paintings. I wanted to try something closer to Bruce Timm’s simplicity, so I studied some pictures to see how could it work:


And revamped the design for Rose, who in this universe is a reporter getting into lots of trouble.


Here she is, between the cop and one of the crooks, trying a mixed technique with watercolor pencils and using colored lineart (in the end I didn’t use the technique for this chapter, but I might use it later on)


In the digital painting side, I have been obsessed over applying texture and finding out tricks to cheat with them and give the impression of having lots of detail where there isn’t much. Here’s the first instance of that, with Mr. Walken in Sleepy Hollow:


But I think this one came out much better, with Mads Mikkelsen’s version of Hannibal Lecter:


To close, I have this sketch that I did under the sweet effects of oxycontin, I forgot the name of the pinup model, but I’d appreciate if someone told me her name, to make sure to put the proper credits: