Acting Assignment: Luthor Jr.

This semester had the particularity of being the most diverse when it came to assignments. Traditional Animation had assignments involving lipsync, so it became a voice acting and acting class where you had to come up with your own designs, Storyboard asked for more layout elements and character designs, Layout had a strong element of cinematography, which meant learning film appreciation and composition, the Toon Boom class was a short film production, Life Drawing focused on colors and Acting had a character development assignment.

We had to chose an animated series (existing or defunct) and come up with a character that would fit the tone of said series, while not being against the story structure of the series. It had to be a secondary character.

Our series of choice was Young Justice. A series about legacies, rebellion and breaking from the mold of our parents and mentors. What we proposed was the dark mirror to the protagonists: A group of younger villains, trying to show they’re better than the ones who preceded them.

With that in mind, I offered my take on what would be the younger mirror of one of DC Universe’s most famous villains, Lex Luthor.

Alexander Luthor II’s stat sheet:


He presents himself as Lex Jr., a younger, more laid back leader and more approachable than his dad. He wants to show that it’s time for a new wave of villains, because he feels the old ones are out of touch with the realities of the new century. He’s all that his dad was never able to be or have. He’s handsome, admired, loved by the press, stronger, smarter and thanks to some genetic modifications, he has flowing red hair. More Richard Branson than the Wall Street tycoon that Lex Luthor is portrayed as in the modern interpretations.

He wants the heroes dead and out of the picture, and the world to know it was his idea and his methods that led to their demise. Villains are the new heroes. Villains can be popular. Greed is good and all the moral codes are a thing of the past.

However, deep insecurities lie deep under his mind. Is he just being a young version of his dad? Are the “improvements” added to his genes what makes him great? Is he just being used by his dad?

The final look of Lex Jr.:


I played with the colors of the older incarnation of Lex Luthor, back when he was a mad scientist wearing robotic suits. And making the face as smug and punchable as possible. The red hair was another element from the old comics that amused me, so I threw it in.


Layout Assignment: Vertical Pan

This semester we had a very open assignment for Layout: Two layouts, based on our own concepts, with no restrictions besides having to show the stages of development and that the final would have no visible evident lineart.

Of course, this meant I had to come up with something crazy and complex. Here’s the first one, I’ll post the other one next week.


A cityscape. The perfect buildings are on the background, while our POV character sees it from the shanty town. The idea is to go from detail to a very abstract cityscape.



Real life shanty towns, like the ones you can witness in Latin America vs. Stylish cities in the vein of Robert Valley’s style.


First Rough:


I know, it’s a mad man’s scribble.  The idea is barely there, while the horizon line jumps all over the place.


Line Art Rough:




Still a bit terrible… but it starts to take shape.


Second Detailed Rough:



It looks muddy and weird, but everything looks a bit more solid.





There you go, some more shading, lots of screams of pain and we get to a finished piece.

Storyboard Assignment – Pan’s Labyrinth

Here’s one of those I have been wanting to share, but had no time to upload. It’s a simple concept: We have the script and an element we have to change in it. In this case, I had the choice of doing Pan’s Labyrinth instead of Buffalo 66 once again. The change: The pale man is not sitting down as the scene starts.

This was done in Storyboard Pro, and I didn’t know how to separate the scenes, but I still like it. Every line looks really crisp.






The Portfolio for ANI – Game Design Stream

It’s time to face a Robert Frost dilemma: There’re two roads to take in the ANI program. One is for 3D Character Animation Stream (oriented at animators who want to take their craft further into 3D Animation with Maya) and the other one is for 3D Game Art and Design Stream (oriented at those artists who make the bits and pieces that go into modern videogames).

I love both paths, but I have already taken a very good course in CentreNAD for 3D Animation for Film (which was what motivated me to go further and aim for a full bachelor on Animation), so I chose to go for the Game Art path, which has more modelling involved.

However… you need to apply for it.

The creation of a new portfolio scared me and it took me a long while to figure out what to throw in it and what to take away. I took away a lot of my old 3D stuff, but left the car, lots of cartoony or designy stuff was also discarded, pretty much most of my life drawing was stripped from the final piece… and I still feel I went a bit overkill in how many things I crammed into the application.

But it’s done now and I already handed it in.

Wish me luck.