Layout Assignment: Vertical Pan

This semester we had a very open assignment for Layout: Two layouts, based on our own concepts, with no restrictions besides having to show the stages of development and that the final would have no visible evident lineart.

Of course, this meant I had to come up with something crazy and complex. Here’s the first one, I’ll post the other one next week.


A cityscape. The perfect buildings are on the background, while our POV character sees it from the shanty town. The idea is to go from detail to a very abstract cityscape.



Real life shanty towns, like the ones you can witness in Latin America vs. Stylish cities in the vein of Robert Valley’s style.


First Rough:


I know, it’s a mad man’s scribble.  The idea is barely there, while the horizon line jumps all over the place.


Line Art Rough:




Still a bit terrible… but it starts to take shape.


Second Detailed Rough:



It looks muddy and weird, but everything looks a bit more solid.





There you go, some more shading, lots of screams of pain and we get to a finished piece.


Painted nonsense

First off, I did a little painted exercise, something simple, just some doggies, based on a picture:


Here’s a little Joker thing I did last year, but just cleaned up now. It was done in ink and markers, but I added some screentones and noise in Photoshop after losing some of the nice marker textures while doing the cleanup:


This beast took me forever and I decided to abandon it, as I didn’t get to use it in the comic or as a proper print (I discovered I suck at making webs). It’s loosely based on The Weaver from China Mieville’s Perdido Street Station, but I switched the baby arms and face for a… whatever it is I did with it in the end.


Rachael, Mike and Winslow

First things first: I have a webcomic going on now, called The Doppelganger. Visit and Like it on FB.


I’ve been drawing some more portraits based on movies and TV, learning how to get the likeness and studying colors and lighting.

Here’s Winslow, the 70’s glam rock version of the Phantom from Brian De Palma’s Phantom Of The Paradise:


Mike from Breaking Bad. my favorite of the bunch. Studying lighting:


And Rachael, the classy android from Blade Runner:


Black and White

It’s been a long month and I’ve been working on lots of small projects to keep myself busy while I wait for more job interviews and panic about paying rent. One of them was a pretty simple one: Clean some of the sketches I hadn’t finished in my notebooks. I did about twelve, but hated half of them. Some of these I still hate, but not as much.








My stuff in Society6

This year started a bit slower than usual, but it’s giving me time to pursue some personal projects and take some more care of myself. One of the things that I was wanting to do was to post some of my stuff in society6, which is a pretty cool website. So, without further ado:

First, from the movie Hausu, the creepy ghost cat:

From the movie Behind The Mask: The Legend of Leslie Vernon:

The little caption is because of this song:

This is from an older movie. Peter Lorre’s most intriguing villain, the fantastic Dr. Gogol from Mad Love:

I cleaned up one of the props from last semester to make the Ultimate Necronomicon Evangelist T-Shirt:

I cleaned up these caricatures I did with copics:

Clark Gable:

Greta Garbo:

Clint Eastwood:
Clint Eastwood is Dirty Harry

And last, but not least, the baboon from Digital Painting makes for an amazing iPhone case: