Me Vs. Flash: Stabby The Clown

The semester is over. And I have a nice update for you. Unless you suffer from coulrophobia, then I have a nasty update for you.

I have lots of trouble trying to use 2D animation software. I always feel like it looks too choppy and not nice and it has the bad habit of crashing on me. And then I rage quit. Which is wrong.

This time around I managed to keep fighting against it (otherwise I would have to wait a whole year to repeat the course again), and ended up enjoying it because of the character I chose: Stabby The Clown.

If you have seen Stephen King’s It, you know what kind of clown this is. Not particularly funny, but just amusing from a safe distance. Don’t leave him near your children.

Enjoy it, as next semester if I have any luck I’ll be facing Toon Boom, who killed my family and left me for dead in the desert.


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