The big subway sketch post

I sketch all the time in public transportation, but lately… it’s just gone bonkers. I have 3 hours of commute every day and that has skyrocketed my production. Also, it means that I haven’t had much time to edit and take care of more elaborate drawings lately.

To avoid repeating myself  to death by doing only portraits, I chose to pick up on patterns, fashion and body language of the other fellow commuters.  Also, make sure to draw different body types, not just the ones I found attractive.


Another thing that started to interest me was the relations between them:


In this one, there’s one that isn’t from the subway, but I won’t tell you which one.



And yes, I did do some portraits and caricatures. There’s lots of weirdos in the TTC (not counting the one drawing them, of course):







Caricature: Mike Tyson

I wanted to do a drawing with a character doing some action, so I did some sketches based on sportsmen. The first one, is Mike “Iron” Tyson. I found a picture of him from his “Days of Grace” era, while he was still a heavyweight boxer and not just that guy from The Hangover. I’ll be sending it to my mom, who owns a nice bar in Cartagena called Passport. (Happy Mother’s Day, mom)

Then, we do the flats.

The next thing I do is find out how the volumes should be.

Now, we get to the painting part. Which takes lots of time and can be frustrating until…

The final touch is love. OK, it’s layers of color correction and writing my signature, but it does feel a little bit like love.

Second Semester: Digital Painting

This was one of the toughest subjects this semester, because I had to learn to do a lot of this in a different way that I used to, and because this is awfully time consuming. Dogan can pinpoint errors too easily, and that didn’t help either.

I will spare you the cube shading and the primitive dropping shadows (because they were really bad, even after I re-did them), and I’ll get down to the first almost decent assignments.

The Caricature Assignment

When I heard of this one, I thought it was going to be a piece of cake, so I started doodling around some celebrities:

But painting caricatures is way harder than doing lineart. My first try was less than stellar:

I had to redo the assignment based on a different drawing:

The Self-Portrait

My first attempt was a disaster, because I had been sleep deprived for a week:

I obviously had to do a new rough for this:

The final version was a nightmare, because we had to do it looking at a mirror, not photo reference, and looking at myself is amusing only for about a minute or two.

The Barbershop

This one was more like a polishing job from the Layout assignment. First, I fixed the tones:

The coloring was really hard because I forgot that adding that much detail would affect the final product.

The Mad Scientist’s Lab

Just like the Barbershop, this was a Layout built for Zub’s class, but that would be a finished product here.

And here’s Tesla:


In order to get the character done right, I worked on a sketch I did for a friend and then I never showed her the result until now. Here’s the marvelous Tanya: