One of the things I’m doing this Summer is working as a caricature artist. I took the job a bit late in the game, so there wasn’t much time for training. The main problem: You have to use markers. There can’t be any underlines. Second problem: It has to be fast.

So I decided to try some celebrity caricatures to get my hands dirty before work:

From the movie Snabba Cash:

Bill Gates, a Guayasamín style and Noomi Rapace”

Charlotte Gainsbourg, Gael García and Marlon Brando:

Aishwarya Rai:

Random Sketches

These drawings aren’t proper café sketches, but products of what I can do when I’m bored and thinking about ideas and concepts, but end up doodling something completely different, or cartooning the reference material without actually using it for what I’m supposed to use it. Enjoy the randomness!

Here’s a bit of caricature:

I might find something to do with these guys: