New year, new sketches

It’s a new year. I’m already feeling older and wiser. I can see white hair growing on me and feeling a strange urge to complain about the weather for hours. Obviously there’s new sketches.

The first one is from an old project that I hope to get back into one day. If I can convince the writer and manage to cram enough time into my schedule, it’d be great.


I love drawing animals as derpy as possible.  These ones are photo-referenced, but I tried to push for the personality as much as I could.


This one is not from a picture though. I call it “Cutie“.


For the end, I give you “Derp Conan”:



Sketchbook + Cazadores de la 22

This post is short and sweet, because this wasn’t that interesting a week sadly. No food-truck chasing, crazy life drawing sessions or outdoor sketching. I’ve been a bit locked up for my current project (with certain pauses to hang out in old buildings and get some sun every now and then). But first, some color sketches from last week!

And now, for a taste of the main show…

Los Cazadores de la 22