Sketchbook + Cazadores de la 22

This post is short and sweet, because this wasn’t that interesting a week sadly. No food-truck chasing, crazy life drawing sessions or outdoor sketching. I’ve been a bit locked up for my current project (with certain pauses to hang out in old buildings and get some sun every now and then). But first, some color sketches from last week!

And now, for a taste of the main show…

Los Cazadores de la 22


Weird projects: The Snail

After 2 semesters of insanity, deadlines and lack of sleep, most of us in Seneca’s Animation program are still restless. We’ve been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, waking up screaming “Sleep is for the weak” and sweating every time someone mentions the word “inbetweening”. Which means that during the summer we’re all working hard in crazy personal projects and animations, or taking Summer courses and forgetting about the beautiful outside world. There’s a super secret project going on with Dima, Jay, Kalvin and other guys in A and B class who want to create a crazy animation. I still have some comic book pages, storyboards and even writing on my own.

So, a couple of weeks ago, during a break from TCAF, I was talking to Salar about having too much time in my hands. And we came up with a simple story concept for a short and quick animation: A snail has to cross a sidewalk. The goal is to make it super-quick and simple enough to not let our animation skills rot during the Summer.

As everything with me, the concept has to involve suffering of the Chuck Jones category. So, the snail will try to cross the street to get to a flower, but will have to be squashed, mashed, destroyed, and ultimately unable to reach its goal. Salar agreed in the end that it would be funnier, not without lots of struggle. He aims higher in animation arts, I aim for dick jokes and slapstick.

Then, we created two different boards for some of the gags (which will be revealed as soon as we agree on the style). And I called dibs in designing this complex, multi-layered character.

Salar may want to animate it completely different, but I’ll be testing this idea on Tuesday. Also, there will be posts on my crude attempts at animating it.

The other thing I did is a character expression sheet for the guy.

Complex stuff as you can see.