Black and White

It’s been a long month and I’ve been working on lots of small projects to keep myself busy while I wait for more job interviews and panic about paying rent. One of them was a pretty simple one: Clean some of the sketches I hadn’t finished in my notebooks. I did about twelve, but hated half of them. Some of these I still hate, but not as much.









Life Drawing and Cafe Sketches

This semester Life Drawing was a very relaxed affair with Rick. It was about experimentation, observation and style, not that much about anatomy (he’d still point out the bad anatomy, though).

I tried pastels for some of the drawings:

2012-12-11 14.49.55

2012-12-11 14.50.03

2012-12-11 14.51.48



Some prismacolor bars (super waxy and easy to use):

2012-12-11 14.51.03



Calligraphy markers:



Ink and markers:






Some random doodles:



I did some café sketches in a friend’s concert:



And I went to the second to last Keyhole Session (the last one will get a full post of its own):




My favorite from the session, a sketch of The Madame:


Digital Painting: Poster Assignment

I loved this project. After a whole semester of whining about not doing something that was entirely my creation, Dogan gave us the chance to do something completely on our own and I froze for a week. All my sketches were either too crowded or too simple or personal to make them appealing.

And then, the song came to me.

poster13 copy

Here’s the process:

First comes the crude sketch and the study of the setting. I found pictures of the Silvercup studios online to get the structure kinda right (there was no time, but I wanted to add the speakers and the band in the background at first).

poster2 copy

Then we have the first proper rough:

poster4 copy

And then I separate the BG:

poster6 copy

The rest is just a matter of getting Mr. Mercury just fine.

poster7 copy

poster10 copy

Of course, there’s 80’s lighting!

poster12 copy

From my sketchbooks: Keyhole Sessions

Time to show the dark side of my sketchbooks: I go to Life Drawing that’s not academic. Not because I’m weird, which might not be debatable, but because there’s more crazy things to draw, there’s costumes and the audience is more relaxed without a teacher judging your horribly distorted sketches. It started for me a few years ago, while living in Montreal, where I went to Dr. Sketchy. The conversation with the host, who was advertising the show in a zine convention went like this:

“-You mean there’s no one teaching? -No teachers. -And I can drink? -Yes, it helps to pay for the costs of the session, pasties aren’t free. -You mean I can drink and draw at the same time?”

I was sold. I went there every month, brought friends over, and went to a session in every city I visited.

A few years ago I hosted Dr. Sketchy in Bogotá with Silvia, with permission from Molly Crabapple, and it was cool, even if we didn’t get much of an audience.

But last year, Dr. Sketchy Toronto was saying goodbye. So, I went for the first time to The Great Hall and did this doodles in TKS:

Here’s the ones I’ve done in the two sessions I’ve gone to this year:

Second Semester: Character Design

Just as a warm-up, we got the short forms. The task is to make them recognizable, have the proper shapes, but keep it fast and rough:

For the main assignment, we had to come up with a character and pose him in poses from Life Drawing, so I brought a lineup of usual suspects from other sketchbooks:

Sadly, Graves didn’t pick the killer clown. But Monkey Boy has lots of sex-appeal to compensate.

Look at this amazing mug:

And look who was the reference material for this: