Second Semester: Digital Painting

This was one of the toughest subjects this semester, because I had to learn to do a lot of this in a different way that I used to, and because this is awfully time consuming. Dogan can pinpoint errors too easily, and that didn’t help either.

I will spare you the cube shading and the primitive dropping shadows (because they were really bad, even after I re-did them), and I’ll get down to the first almost decent assignments.

The Caricature Assignment

When I heard of this one, I thought it was going to be a piece of cake, so I started doodling around some celebrities:

But painting caricatures is way harder than doing lineart. My first try was less than stellar:

I had to redo the assignment based on a different drawing:

The Self-Portrait

My first attempt was a disaster, because I had been sleep deprived for a week:

I obviously had to do a new rough for this:

The final version was a nightmare, because we had to do it looking at a mirror, not photo reference, and looking at myself is amusing only for about a minute or two.

The Barbershop

This one was more like a polishing job from the Layout assignment. First, I fixed the tones:

The coloring was really hard because I forgot that adding that much detail would affect the final product.

The Mad Scientist’s Lab

Just like the Barbershop, this was a Layout built for Zub’s class, but that would be a finished product here.

And here’s Tesla:


In order to get the character done right, I worked on a sketch I did for a friend and then I never showed her the result until now. Here’s the marvelous Tanya: