From my sketchbooks: Keyhole Sessions

Time to show the dark side of my sketchbooks: I go to Life Drawing that’s not academic. Not because I’m weird, which might not be debatable, but because there’s more crazy things to draw, there’s costumes and the audience is more relaxed without a teacher judging your horribly distorted sketches. It started for me a few years ago, while living in Montreal, where I went to Dr. Sketchy. The conversation with the host, who was advertising the show in a zine convention went like this:

“-You mean there’s no one teaching? -No teachers. -And I can drink? -Yes, it helps to pay for the costs of the session, pasties aren’t free. -You mean I can drink and draw at the same time?”

I was sold. I went there every month, brought friends over, and went to a session in every city I visited.

A few years ago I hosted Dr. Sketchy in Bogotá with Silvia, with permission from Molly Crabapple, and it was cool, even if we didn’t get much of an audience.

But last year, Dr. Sketchy Toronto was saying goodbye. So, I went for the first time to The Great Hall and did this doodles in TKS:

Here’s the ones I’ve done in the two sessions I’ve gone to this year: