Soon I’ll be back in school. That means that I feel the tingling sensation in my hands… the one called fear. Lots of my friends and colleagues have been working hard all Summer, trying new materials, ambitious projects or working in something that forces them to be faster and better at the craft.

To make sure I’m doing my part, I did some shape exercises:

Then, I started trying to get rid of the construction lines (Notice I don’t say “Getting rid of the training wheels”, for I haven’t learned how to ride a bike):

As expected… I went crazy after a while…

So… jokes:

In the end, I applied it to a much more sober subject:

Just search “coches monstruo mexico” to see where this kind of armored vehicles come from (Yes, this will be the base for The Mastery Machine):


First Semester: Character Design

Character Design is a more experimental class, so I get to draw crazier stuff.  Most of the assignments involve shapes and playing with Sculpy, which makes it sort of like Kindergarden, except that you shouldn’t ask Graves to help you to go to the washroom.

First, we have heads from random shapes:

Then, we get the first head rotation:

Later on, we play with Sculpy:

Then, we draw the heads:

Now, we get into some full body stuff:

And when you have the power, you get the characters: