My stuff in Society6

This year started a bit slower than usual, but it’s giving me time to pursue some personal projects and take some more care of myself. One of the things that I was wanting to do was to post some of my stuff in society6, which is a pretty cool website. So, without further ado:

First, from the movie Hausu, the creepy ghost cat:

From the movie Behind The Mask: The Legend of Leslie Vernon:

The little caption is because of this song:

This is from an older movie. Peter Lorre’s most intriguing villain, the fantastic Dr. Gogol from Mad Love:

I cleaned up one of the props from last semester to make the Ultimate Necronomicon Evangelist T-Shirt:

I cleaned up these caricatures I did with copics:

Clark Gable:

Greta Garbo:

Clint Eastwood:
Clint Eastwood is Dirty Harry

And last, but not least, the baboon from Digital Painting makes for an amazing iPhone case:


Digital Painting: Poster Assignment

I loved this project. After a whole semester of whining about not doing something that was entirely my creation, Dogan gave us the chance to do something completely on our own and I froze for a week. All my sketches were either too crowded or too simple or personal to make them appealing.

And then, the song came to me.

poster13 copy

Here’s the process:

First comes the crude sketch and the study of the setting. I found pictures of the Silvercup studios online to get the structure kinda right (there was no time, but I wanted to add the speakers and the band in the background at first).

poster2 copy

Then we have the first proper rough:

poster4 copy

And then I separate the BG:

poster6 copy

The rest is just a matter of getting Mr. Mercury just fine.

poster7 copy

poster10 copy

Of course, there’s 80’s lighting!

poster12 copy