Sketch dump!

I’ve been busy doing nothing much lately (the webcomic and writing mostly), but I’m trying to pick up a bit on my café sketching to make sure I don’t lose any traditional skills.  And stretch those drawing muscles.


For those who don’t know what “café sketching” means, it’s what you’d normally call creeping people out in public spaces. For some people it’s coffee shops.  For me it’s usually public transportation.





But in some cases, I do experience the outside world and open spaces. It’s summer after all.  And when everybody’s having fun and enjoying the sun, I have to make sure I get those poses in my sketchbook.escaneados2003016 escaneados2003018

There’s one problem however.  Summer, even the Canadian variety which is rainy and cold, includes those nasty horrible pests they call pigeons. I damn hate them and their smug faces.

escaneados2003009I hope you enjoyed my little sketch dump. I’ll be posting some recent completed pieces as soon as I complete them. Also, don’t forget to check my webcomic, The Doppelganger.



Sketching outside

During the Summer there are several cultural events in TO, and I made it to some of them… to draw!

First off, I went to Luminato. It’s a world music festival, which means that you never know the crowd that will show up. I went to Loreena McKennitt and Lemon Bucket Orkestra, and both were fun and had interesting people in the audience, with a wide range of ages:

Around the same days, I went to NxNE too, which is more indie-oriented, and attended Plants And Animals, Eight and a Half and the Wu-Tang semi-reunion (sorry, without RZA is not a proper reunion). Really funny looking crowd, with hipsters, tough guys, and hoboes:

Another thing I did was to visit a small Steampunk event in Campbell House:

As usual, I did some sketching in the subway:

And these ones were done in the beach (Completely Safe For Work, it was rather cloudy that day):

First Semester: Layout

This one is really short, because I lost most of my first assignments. So, I’ll spare you the cubes and the horrid cylinders I did in perspective, which I really struggled to draw, yet didn’t add up to much. Instead, here are just 2 nice little things done near the end of the first semester, once the basics of perspective were over:

In the next Layout post, I’ll show how much more challenging and fun it gets once you start adding layers and tricks.