The Evil Queen

For me, the queen is not evil. The mirror is the evil one. That bastard was lying to her all the time, feeding her insecurities. If anything, she’s just a little vain. And that kid with the dwarfs is rather annoying and simple. She’s hot and a bit obsessed with herself… but look at her! She’s amazing!

This little piece was supposed to be a birthday gift for Silvia, but I took a month longer than expected. ¡Feliz Cumpleaños Bonita!

Here’s a bit of the process:

We begin with a nice cleaned sketch:

Then, it’s all Photoshop:

And for your amusement, the road not taken:


Caricature: Mike Tyson

I wanted to do a drawing with a character doing some action, so I did some sketches based on sportsmen. The first one, is Mike “Iron” Tyson. I found a picture of him from his “Days of Grace” era, while he was still a heavyweight boxer and not just that guy from The Hangover. I’ll be sending it to my mom, who owns a nice bar in Cartagena called Passport. (Happy Mother’s Day, mom)

Then, we do the flats.

The next thing I do is find out how the volumes should be.

Now, we get to the painting part. Which takes lots of time and can be frustrating until…

The final touch is love. OK, it’s layers of color correction and writing my signature, but it does feel a little bit like love.