Second Semester: Layout

In this new cycle, Layout got much more interesting. There were no ellipses (unless your layout had them, which was bound to happen) and the work involved more creativity than last semester. First up, we had the Barbershop assignment. I went for a late 90’s Harlem barbershop split between sexes:

Then, we had to shade our barbershops, giving them a proper mood (and fix some perspective issues along the way):

Then, we had to color them, but that happened in Digital Painting.

So, next up: The Mad Scientist’s Lab. Zub told us that we had to come up with a mad scientist lab, and five seconds later, I was already sketching mine. It was obvious I had to bring Tesla’s Lab.

In my concept, Tesla would have this kind of 007 “mad science hero” thing going on, so I designed it like a Power Plant/Villain Lair mix.

Once again, this project is supposed to be completed in Digital Painting. However, I had some extra stuff done for this:

These are the sketches for Tesla (Mad scientist, megalomaniac, adventurer, lover):

I also designed eels as his pets, but I had to take them out to raise the platform.

The next assignment was the horizontal pan, which had to be historical. For that, I picked up a book I have since I was young:

It’s the kind of research material that puts any google search to shame. I knew by heart how these houses were built, and I ended up drawing too much roofs. Zub hasn’t returned the final product yet, but I took a picture of most of it (I should’ve scanned it, I know):