Black and White

It’s been a long month and I’ve been working on lots of small projects to keep myself busy while I wait for more job interviews and panic about paying rent. One of them was a pretty simple one: Clean some of the sketches I hadn’t finished in my notebooks. I did about twelve, but hated half of them. Some of these I still hate, but not as much.









Café sketches: Toronto Roller Derby

Café sketches are tricky to do. You’re supposed to draw people in their environments, capturing their movements and such… yet they don’t seem too interesting sitting down in a coffee house or the subway unless they’re either horrifying or beautiful. But then… there was this poster about a double bill in the Toronto Roller Derby, which I hadn’t visited yet. It was clear I had to go there, eat lots of exotic food from trucks and watch a crazy sport I really didn’t understand.

Contrary to what I thought, not all the sprinters were the thin, short girls. There was this one, #666 from Chicks Ahoy! (Gotta love the names, this one is Awesome Sauce) who has a heavier girl, but managed to outrun everyone. Ages, body types, styles, attack modes are all different. It was really great reference to draw. They hit each other really hard and get back on track just as easy.

Did I mention the food trucks? They ruled. Now I’m hooked on chasing food trucks around Toronto.