Sketch dump!

The first week off has been spent goofing off, but it’s time to get back on track and clean up a lot of the things that I left incomplete during the past few months.  There’s animations, storyboards and layouts I want to retouch and lots of ideas that are just scribbled in notepads that should be committed to paper.

I’ll do my best to make at least one full piece a week and try my hand at new techniques.

It took a while but I scanned most of my sketchbooks from this semester.  These are the ones I liked best. Enjoy!

I’m very into toned paper sketchbooks now. I love them.




And some digital stuff, just for fun.




Keep visiting. It’s harder to let things go if I feel under surveillance.

New year, new sketches

It’s a new year. I’m already feeling older and wiser. I can see white hair growing on me and feeling a strange urge to complain about the weather for hours. Obviously there’s new sketches.

The first one is from an old project that I hope to get back into one day. If I can convince the writer and manage to cram enough time into my schedule, it’d be great.


I love drawing animals as derpy as possible.  These ones are photo-referenced, but I tried to push for the personality as much as I could.


This one is not from a picture though. I call it “Cutie“.


For the end, I give you “Derp Conan”:


The big subway sketch post

I sketch all the time in public transportation, but lately… it’s just gone bonkers. I have 3 hours of commute every day and that has skyrocketed my production. Also, it means that I haven’t had much time to edit and take care of more elaborate drawings lately.

To avoid repeating myself  to death by doing only portraits, I chose to pick up on patterns, fashion and body language of the other fellow commuters.  Also, make sure to draw different body types, not just the ones I found attractive.


Another thing that started to interest me was the relations between them:


In this one, there’s one that isn’t from the subway, but I won’t tell you which one.



And yes, I did do some portraits and caricatures. There’s lots of weirdos in the TTC (not counting the one drawing them, of course):






Sketch dump!

I’ve been busy doing nothing much lately (the webcomic and writing mostly), but I’m trying to pick up a bit on my café sketching to make sure I don’t lose any traditional skills.  And stretch those drawing muscles.


For those who don’t know what “café sketching” means, it’s what you’d normally call creeping people out in public spaces. For some people it’s coffee shops.  For me it’s usually public transportation.





But in some cases, I do experience the outside world and open spaces. It’s summer after all.  And when everybody’s having fun and enjoying the sun, I have to make sure I get those poses in my sketchbook.escaneados2003016 escaneados2003018

There’s one problem however.  Summer, even the Canadian variety which is rainy and cold, includes those nasty horrible pests they call pigeons. I damn hate them and their smug faces.

escaneados2003009I hope you enjoyed my little sketch dump. I’ll be posting some recent completed pieces as soon as I complete them. Also, don’t forget to check my webcomic, The Doppelganger.


Animal sketches

Hello again, this time I have some animals for you. I did them as an exercise to experiment a bit with lineart and line economy.

The trick was this: To look at the reference just once. Then try to fill the blanks in the brain by myself. It was just because last week I went to the AGO and something I love about medieval/early renaissance paintings is that they had no idea of how most of the animals were supposed to look. Imagine drawing a lion without ever seeing one and then just come up with whatever the description led you to belief. Or maybe you saw it once, but can’t quite remember how it was supposed to look, so you slim it down, make it bigger than it is or something like that. I did lots of them. These were the best looking ones of the experiment.






And finally, for the fans of Phantom Of The Paradise:


Black and White

It’s been a long month and I’ve been working on lots of small projects to keep myself busy while I wait for more job interviews and panic about paying rent. One of them was a pretty simple one: Clean some of the sketches I hadn’t finished in my notebooks. I did about twelve, but hated half of them. Some of these I still hate, but not as much.