This week I’ve been sketching at a faster rate, it must be the weather telling me to move, or the amount of crazy people, or just the fact that it’s really hard to stay at home all day when the outside world looks this nice.

I know it won’t last, because it’s a Canadian Summer.

However, it’s thrilling, because I had a small sketchbook, which allowed me to be a bit least conspicuous than usual… to a certain extent. It’s hard to hide that you’re staring at someone. Even if you’re doing it for art.

So, look at all this people:


I did some plants as well:


Also took two small sketches and then cleaned them up a bit at home:



And just because, I added a little sketch I did for a potential commission that didn’t pan out, from photo reference:



Sketching outside

During the Summer there are several cultural events in TO, and I made it to some of them… to draw!

First off, I went to Luminato. It’s a world music festival, which means that you never know the crowd that will show up. I went to Loreena McKennitt and Lemon Bucket Orkestra, and both were fun and had interesting people in the audience, with a wide range of ages:

Around the same days, I went to NxNE too, which is more indie-oriented, and attended Plants And Animals, Eight and a Half and the Wu-Tang semi-reunion (sorry, without RZA is not a proper reunion). Really funny looking crowd, with hipsters, tough guys, and hoboes:

Another thing I did was to visit a small Steampunk event in Campbell House:

As usual, I did some sketching in the subway:

And these ones were done in the beach (Completely Safe For Work, it was rather cloudy that day):