Storyboard Assignment – Pan’s Labyrinth

Here’s one of those I have been wanting to share, but had no time to upload. It’s a simple concept: We have the script and an element we have to change in it. In this case, I had the choice of doing Pan’s Labyrinth instead of Buffalo 66 once again. The change: The pale man is not sitting down as the scene starts.

This was done in Storyboard Pro, and I didn’t know how to separate the scenes, but I still like it. Every line looks really crisp.






Storyboard Assignment: Symbolism

It’s been a while since I’ve posted storyboards. Let’s fix that.

This assignment was a fun one. The idea is to use symbols and visual metaphors to foreshadow elements of the story and drive the plot forward. Flagg suggested a few extra elements and to watch Lair of the White Worm.

I decided to use a Brian De Palma kind of set-up for this one. After the last image I’ll tell you what the metaphor used was.

I hope you enjoy it.







So… the idea was “Fly gets eaten by a spider”. Read it back and if I did it right, you’ll see the hints about that.

Note: The tattoo on her neck is the symbol of the black widow, if you didn’t catch that one.