Undead Redhead

I loved doing this little piece. It’s for Jen Frankel’s next project, a webseries about the hardships of being an undead redhead bridesmaid and going back to a life where you no longer belong. I read the script and loved it. I’m a sucker for zombie stories, and I loved the metaphor behind this one. So, please send her all your money (or you know, the kickstarter or indiegogo as soon as it’s up). That way, I’ll be doing the boards and art-related craziness for the project.



First Semester: Character Design

Character Design is a more experimental class, so I get to draw crazier stuff.  Most of the assignments involve shapes and playing with Sculpy, which makes it sort of like Kindergarden, except that you shouldn’t ask Graves to help you to go to the washroom.

First, we have heads from random shapes:

Then, we get the first head rotation:

Later on, we play with Sculpy:

Then, we draw the heads:

Now, we get into some full body stuff:

And when you have the power, you get the characters: